International Official Referee License



All referees for official tournaments (including world cup tournaments, international ,national, tournaments, and local tournaments for each country) should have an International Official Referee License.

International Official Referee Licenses are given based on a skill test and written test or thesis, after discussion.

International Official Referee seminars will be held in each country and area, and after discussion, International Official Referee Licenses and diplomas are given.


Rank of International Official Referees:

•  Class-C Referee (lowest rank)
•  Class-B Referee
•  Class-A Referee
•  Senior Referee
•  Master Referee


Referee licenses are effective for one year. Referees need to have additional accreditation in future to continue as an international referee following expiration of the current license.


Attitude of International Official Referees

The attitude of referees strongly affects the success of Koshiki Karatedo tournaments. Accordingly, it is critical that:

•  Referees are neutral;
•  Referees have dignity and a stately attitude;
•  Referees carefully watch every match and judge each movement correctly;
•  Referees do not discuss the results of matches except with auditors, other referees and competitors during the match; and
•  Referees must make each judgment clearly and quickly, with punctual timing and full confidence.







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