WKKF Rules

Summary of the rules of Koshiki Karatedo

PDKumite competition ( shiai )


•  Hands and feet: bare hands and feet must be used, except protective equipment like skin cover may be used by competitors for medical reasons

•  Protective equipment: Super Safe protective equipment must be worn on face and body. Groin protectors are encouraged but are optional



Match Area (shiaijo)

    Be 9,0 square meter of anzen tatami, or equivalent of safety mats .


Referee (Shinpan)@

    The Shiai shall be made by one refree, two corner judges and one         arbitrator.


Ippon (one full point)



g Ipponh-full point means an attack with powerful, controlled, and well executed techniques, which automatically wins the match. Examples of gIpponh techniques include:

•  As a result of a well executed technique on the protective equipment, the opponent is knocked down, stunned or mentally defeated through the loss of fighting spirit and will to continue;
•  An excellent and controlled punch, kick and strike techniques executed after controlling the opponent through ashi-barai (leg sweep) or throwing techniques; and
•  When a sequence of three or more effective techniques in an unbroken combination techniques hits perfectly and the opponent cannot adequately counter.

Effective techniques slightly less powerful which do not score an Ippon are awarded points (Wazaari). All contestants should aim to achieve victory through gIpponh. If no g Ipponh is scored within match time, the victory is awarded to the contestant who has accumulated the most points of the Wazaari.

   Scoring of points-Wazaari - following is the basic scoring system


When controlled techniques are executed slightly less powerful and perfect in execution to the Super Safe face or body protector, a punch is awarded 1 point- Wazaari, and a kick is awarded 2 points-Wazaari., For example, a kick to the body protector immediately followed by a punch to the face protector would be awarded a total of 3 points.

If a contestant turns around and exposes the back, the opponent can score 1 point for each controlled punch and kick executed on a non-contact (Sundome) basis to the back.

As sen-no-waza (first technique or premanitive attack), tai-no-waza (mutual attack or simueltanious attack), and go-no-waza (following technique or counter attack) are accepted, points are awarded for attacking at the same time, for counter techniques and for combination techniques on the basis described above.


Examples of points:

When the red contestant successfully attacks with a punch and kick combination and the white contestant immediately counterattacks with a kick, the red contestant gets 3 points (1 point for the punch and 2 points for the kick), and the white contestant gets 2 points for the kick.

A key feature of Koshiki Karatedo is therefore the addition-of-points system, which gives points to both contestants for combinations and counterattacks as well as for the initial attack.

  Weight & age ranking system


A weight and age classification system is used to help ensure safe and fair match which are enjoyed and appreciated by large audiences. Categories are as follows:


Adult Man Light weight -63.5kg
  Middle weight -73.0kg
  Cruiser weight -82.0kg
  Heavy weight +82.0kg
Adult Woman Light weight -54.0kg
  Middle weight -61.0kg
  Cruiser weight +61.0kg
Boys & Girls Low grades: 1st, 2nd, 3rd graders---age 6 ,7 ,8 years
  Upper classes: 4th, 5th, 6th graders---age 9 ,10 ,11 years

Junior high school students: 1st, 2nd, 3rd graders---

age of 12 ,13 ,14 years


High school students: 1st, 2nd, 3rd graders---

age of 15 ,16 ,17,years

  Match time ( Shiai jikan )
Adult Man 3minutes
Adult Woman 2minutes
Junior high, High school 2minutes
Elementary School 1minutes and 30 seconds
  Criteria for Decision (Hantei)


In the absence of an Ippon which contestant has scored the greatest number of Wazaari, a decision shall be awarded, if no decision is reached.


Hikiwake ( Draw) ,if no dicition is reached ,same number of Wazaari or no Wazaari, in this case, an Encho-sen (first extension) of one minute shall be staged,


If no conclusion is reached after the Encho-sen, a Sai Encho-sen (final extention) shall be staged. and take the form of "Sakidori "in which the first point scored ( Ippon or Wazaari), from technique or foul, shall determine the winner.


QDKata Contest


RDBunkai Kumite Contest


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